Sources and Copyrights

All text and artwork used in The Coven is created and copyrighted by Pawel Wiecek, unless otherwise stated.

All lyrics were written by King Diamond and are copyrighted by him, proper record companies, and probably someone else. They are either taken from CD, LP or cassette lyrics sheets or transcribed by someone if official version was not available.

Cover art and band photos are copyrighted by proper artists or photographers. Record companies probably have rights to cover art too.

All music was written by King Diamond and is copyrighted by the band, proper record companies, and probably someone else. Tablatures were transcribed by various fans.

Some of the materials were taken from other KD/MF sites, including Pidge's Home Of King Diamond (most of tablatures, some pictures, etc.), HellRazor's King Diamond Coven (lots of pictures, etc.).

Most of information was colected from various places I don't usually remember and cannot list therefore.

Band members' information couldn't probably be so complete without using some parts of Slateman's King Diamond Database.

Copyright info on live shots in written in pictures section.

This is a fan made homepage and has no direct link to the band itself. It was however carefully consulted with the band management and is officially recommended as a reliable source of information.

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