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Welcome to the page devoted to one of the two best bands of the world, King Diamond (Mercyful Fate is the other one). You'll find here lots of stuff like discography, demos, bootlegs, cover art, lyrics, tablatures, and much more. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Miscellaneous info
Info on band and fanclubs.

Extensive listing of the official KD LPs, EPs singles and live bootlegs. Tracklistings, cover art, lyrics and line-up.

Stuff you can download. Pics, sounds, lyrics, tablatures...

Vote for best song
You can vote for your favourite KD's songs here and see which ones are most popular.

Reference materials
Various reference materials like complete song listing (with info, availability and related materials), band members info, stories reference, etc.

Submitting additional information
Know something more? Have some more lyrics? Or maybe another demo or bootleg? What about contacting me? I'm waiting...

For people who helped me and who deserve greetings.

Other pages
Other pages devoted to King Diamond.

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