King Diamond fan clubs

The Coven

Renzo van Soelen
Eikstraat 30
4142 CR Leerdam

This is the Worldwide Coven; open for everyone who wants printed info, merchandise or membership. To receive a reply, enclose 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupon from your post office) or 2 US$ cash.

The Coven Japan

Akiko Osada
6-17-2-405 Shirahata
Urawa-shi. Saitama, 336

Brazilian Union F. C.

Hamilton R. S. Filho Cxa Pst. 52624 CEP: 08001-970 São Paulo-SP Brazil

This one isn't official, but I include it anyway:

King Diamond & Mercyful Fate Chilean Coven

mr. Luis Leiva Meneses
Av. 11 de Septiembre 2212 Local 218

Note: these all are MF FCs as well. There was a separate KD FC some time ago, but it doesn't exist any longer.

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